We make memory

And we do it better than anyone else.

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You can find it in devices you use everyday.

  • Phones
  • Solid State Drives
    solid state drives
  • Tablets
  • laptops

Something so small will take your breath away.

The memory we manufacture is measured in nanometers.
How small is a nanometer you ask? Ridiculously small.

Human Hair 10-4

10-4 A single human hair is about 0.1 (one tenth) of a millimeter wide.
0.1 millimeter = 100,000nm (100 thousand nanometers)

Red Blood Cells 10-5

10-5 A red blood cell is only 10 micrometers wide.
10 micrometers = 10,000nm (10 thousand nanometers)

Bacteria 10-6

10-6 A lone bacteria cell is roughly 1 micrometer wide.
1 micrometer = 1,000nm (1 thousand nanometers)

Virus 10-7

A virus particle is 0.1 (one tenth) of a micrometer wide.
0.1 micrometer = 100nm (1 hundred nanometers)

DNA 10-8

The diameter of a DNA double strand is about 3 nanometers wide.

Molecular Structure 10-9

A sugar molecule is close to 1 nanometer wide.

Nano Abacus 10-10

A carbon atom is 0.1 (one tenth) of a nanometer wide. We are building things 20 nanometers wide.

A tiny chip can hold MASSIVE amounts of data

What can it hold? 16 GB of memory can hold:

We are changing the way the world stores information.

We make our parents proud.

We make the most technologically advanced flash memory in the world. IM Flash is a joint venture formed by Intel and Micron in 2006. We're located in Lehi, Utah, just 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City and have a brilliant workforce of over 1700 strong.

Intel   Micron


Explore the memory making process and where we work.
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explore the memory making process
what is it like to work at IM Flash?

We are 100x cleaner than a hospital.

The tiniest little particles can upset the process of making a high-performing chip. Our clean rooms have less than 100 particles per cubic foot compared to a hospital's 10,000 particles.

To help keep contamination to a minimum we do many things, such as wearing stylish bunny suits like this:


    Goggles protect your eyes and are worn at all times in the manufacturing fabrication (fab) area. And they make a fashion statement.


    Keeps human gunk (skin, hair, clothing fibers, and any other particles) from contaminating our wafers.


    Carbon filament helps reduce static field generation and contains dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles. Wearing this makes you look totally cool.


    Synthetic gloves help keep the fab environment pristine and safe for wafer production. You'll feel like a doctor.


    Booties slip over your shoes and help prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) which may damage our sensitive chips.

automated robots

Automated Robots Control a Wafer's Destiny.

We use a proprietary process to create flash memory chips. Wafers are super sensitive and human hands are never allowed to touch the delicate material because we, as humans, are dirty. We all produce oil. Oil and wafers don't mix.

Letting our robots do the work keeps our wafers and our people safe (and safety is one of our highest priorities).

A Safe Working Environment is Job #1

Our people are our biggest asset and we take pride in workplace safety. In fact, we won the Utah Manufacturer's Association's "Award of Excellence" for outstanding performance in creating a safe workplace environment.

it's made

We like layers

Building the perfect wafer involves a masterful symphony of layering. Each wafer we create is moved by our automated robots through more than 800 processes over several weeks.

The process of making memory

  • 1
    diffusion & chemical vapor deposition
  • 2
    photo lithography align
  • 3
    photo lithography develop
  • 4
    dry etch
  • 5
    wet process
  • 6
  • 7
    chemical mechanical planarization
  • 8
    metal deposition
how much we make

In one day, we make enough memory to store more than...

  • 43 million books
  • 13 million photos
  • 80 libraries of congress
  • 03 million songs

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We create the future inside.

We have over 1700 team members who fill the halls at our campus in Lehi, UT. Our dynamic, fast-paced environment provides fresh challenges for brilliant minds.

  • You have room to stretch and explore in our 2.3 million square foot campus
  • Onsite cafe provides a variety of food options around the clock to feed hungry minds
  • We even have our own softball field and league
  • Plenty of viewing areas to watch the local elk herd, view amazing sunsets, or gaze out across Utah Lake
see where we play

Open space ready
for exploration.

With the backdrop of Mount Timpanogos, IM Flash sits squarely among some of the most scenic areas around. Just minutes from downtown Salt Lake City and Park City, our team members enjoy access to all the amenities and variety big cities have to offer—professional sports, recreation, theater, ballet, and so much more. Hear why some of our team members definitely think Utah—and IM Flash—is the place to be.


We come from all different kinds of backgrounds.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe it takes a diverse group of curiosity seekers to create a memory chip that smacks the competition.

IM Flash Career Demographics

200+ team members have military experience from all branches of service.

Armed Forces

Golden Key Freedom Award

IM Flash was honored to receive the Golden Key Freedom award which is presented by the Utah Governer's committee for support of military veterans

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